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The Power of our Decision-Making Strategy

Everything is Energy – that’s just all there is to it. ~Albert Einstein

How we use our energy is key and the best teacher of how to use our energy for the greatest impact, deep satisfaction, success and delight is to honour our decision-making strategy.

What is our decision-making strategy?

In BG5, this is what connects us to our body intelligence letting us know we are following what is true for us. It is our guide to finding the people, places and circumstances for opportunity to unfold. When we follow this, we end up in the right place in the right timing ready for the next thing we’re here to experience.

Each Career type has its own unique way of making decisions beginning with how your energy functions. This is really all about the smooth flow of energy through our systems and out into the world. When we ignore it or forget it or just get caught up in the distractions our mind is so good at drawing our attention to, we can experience frustration, anger, disappointment and even bitterness along with a host of other uncomfortable feelings. These feelings are merely signposts to let us know that something is off. We took a wrong turn somewhere and got led down the garden path where our mind thought we’d be better off.

BG5 is about building awareness using the practical tools that help us know we’re on track. Even when we have these tools, it is a daily practice of being mindful, aware and present in the moment so that we can respond to what life brings us. Life is a dance, each of us responding to the other (or life) in the moment whether we are aware of this or not.

"You see, I think, one of the things we’ve forgotten is how much discipline it takes to be aware." ~Ra Uru Hu

Builder energy is probably the easiest to feel or notice because it is such a strong signal emanating from 70% of the population all the time, 24/7. I am a Classic Builder and recently experienced an extremely intense few months where I lost connection with my decision-making strategy even though I ‘thought’ I was connected. I was consciously ‘feeling’ my way through what was happening, yet I wasn’t taking my feelings and body awareness seriously. I allowed my mind to override what I was feeling, with all kinds of great ideas, justifications, solutions and formulas for success that I was ‘certain’ were for the best.

Yet, in the core of my gut sat this ball of suppressed energy, gnawing away at me, being held in causing all kinds of stomach upset, nervousness, feelings of dread and insecurity. I was experiencing headaches, neck and back pain and all over energy drain – I was exhausted. This was all too familiar as I recognized that this is how I had lived most of my life and especially in my career. While I worked at what I ‘thought’ would bring me financial security with just enough interest to keep me there, my body went through exhaustion on a daily basis. I spent a lot of my personal time worrying about work and how to make more money, how to move up, how to become more. I also spent most of the extra earnings on health care solutions to keep my energy up. From supplements, diet and exercise programs to chiro, acupuncture, massage and spa visits. Yet, as wonderful as these treatments were, they were fleeting – the exhaustion and body pain returned almost immediately when I returned to work.

When a friend and fellow consultant noticed what was going on for me and offered to coach me, I jumped at the opportunity. She helped me see that I was totally caught up in what I thought I ‘should’ want to do, not what I really wanted to do. The more we talked, the more I felt the ball of stuffed energy respond and release. I let go of what I thought I ‘should’ want completely and that freed up enough energy and created a spaciousness that allowed me to know what I really did want. Over the next few days, while reviewing course information basics and working with my own clients, the reminders of how our shadows work and how Builder energy functions in a healthy way helped me get myself back on track to doing what I love.

A Powerful Distractor – the Mind

The mind can be so powerful and sneaky in sucking us into its chatter and well-intentioned advice. This is something humanity has struggled with for eons and many practices have arisen to help us manage our relationship with our mind.

“You see the mind, the mind is only interested in fear. This is how the mind has been controlling you all of your life – the fear that you’re not in control. The fear that you can’t control your life, the fear that you have to do this or that. We are nothing but designed for cognition – to be aware. And it’s not about mantras, it isn’t about masters. It’s mechanical, anyone who is ready, anyone can get there because it’s mechanical. It simply depends on whether or not it’s your time to give up. To give up allowing your mind to determine your life. To enter into the most profound experience you can enter in to is to embrace this life. ~Ra Uru Hu

Our minds are meant for us to serve others – the minute we try to solve our own issues using our minds we are swept into the thinking stream with such great force it is a challenge to break the hold. Even when using our minds to help others, we still need to ‘wait to be recognized and then invited to help’. We can offer our help with an invitation of our own but unless that invitation is accepted, we are wasting our energy and causing resistance in our lives.

“Our minds are not for telling us what we need to do, they are not for making decisions. What is beautiful about the mind is its potential to measure. This is what it does – it measures this and that and this is what it is so incredible at and you see if you take that measuring and put it into a deeply unique filter, that’s potentially each of you, we have the richness of an aware consciousness field. The unique expression of outer authority – this is what mind is for. My mind can be of value to you as outer authority. It does not tell me what to do in my life as that is not its job.” ~Ra Uru Hu

Does this mean we sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for invitations or something to respond to? Maybe – if that is what your energy wants to do in the moment go for it! It’s in listening to and honouring your own energy that will move you if you allow it to. We are all interacting with life every moment of every hour of every day. Even if we are in stillness, we are interacting. Being alive is about being in a state of active awareness, waiting for the signal from life’s energy to move you.

Builder energy wants to be spent doing something so this can create restlessness if you don’t get up and move or put your attention to something. The key is putting your attention on something you love doing so that you are enlivened, and your energy moves easily through you. The key is not to ‘chase’ a job or relationship or anything else you’d like. It is to enjoy yourself while you’re waiting for life to bring it to you. Each of the other career types don’t have a consistent, reliable energy resource and they have their own unique ways of making decisions starting with how they process energy through their bodies as they absorb, amplify or reflect it back for different purposes.

It's when we hold on to that energy or stop it from flowing through us that we cause ourselves pain and suffering on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. Emotion is ‘Energy in Motion’ and unless we allow it to flow through us, it gets stuck, we get stuck and we suffer. Our suffering is our inability to honour our own body intelligence and follow what lights us up, what brings us joy. We no longer have to sacrifice ourselves for the tribe doing things we don’t really want to do (especially if we think we should).

This can feel scary especially in these times when people are considering changing careers. We’re finding people saying they can no longer do the work they’ve been doing – they can’t physically make themselves do it anymore, but they are afraid of how to change without losing that sense of security – especially financial or material security.


Are you following what your gut responds to – are you really honouring that response? If you’re emotionally defined – are you waiting to see how you feel about your response? Are you taking your feelings seriously?


Are you waiting to be recognized and invited before deciding what to focus your energy on? Are you following your unique strategy for making decision (Advisors have the most different types of strategies) or is your mind overriding you?


Are you following your decision-making strategy to know where you need to be, initiating what ‘know’ you need to start? Or is your mind feeding your fears?


Are you in an environment where you feel good and are supported? Are you sampling and reflecting taking time to get a deep knowing and then sharing what is working and what isn’t? How does your mind get in your way?

As a BG5 Coach and Consultant, I can help you find your unique nature so that you can experience deeply knowing what it is you want to do with an inner confidence that all will be well. I can show you what types of thoughts are distracting you and why so that you can loosen their grip on you. I'll show you your ‘true nature’ that is much greater than your thinking mind and help you get aligned with your uniqueness. I provide practical tools to help you get on track and give you signposts to follow to stay on track showing you what you can rely on 24/7.

And I'm here to coach you along the way, when you forget to be aware which is all part of the human experience.


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I'm Shelley

I am inspired by all the ways BG5 can help us know and trust ourselves to show up at work and in life with confidence allowing us to 'do what we love and love what we do'!

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