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Love of Self is Awakeness

I wrote this article today as it came to me, inspired by the theme of Self-Love and then found the Trait of the Day in my inbox...

Trait of The Behavior of the Self, 10.1 Modesty

The Love of Self is Awakeness

The underlying code of behavior which ensures successful interaction despite circumstances. The role of perfecting our form, its survival, and the conviction which guides it.

BG5 and Human Design are deeply rooted in helping each of us come to know ourselves in a way that allows us to truly 'love ourselves'. This is the basic reason for this information to exist - the main reason Ra Uru Hu brought it to the world. Both disciplines help us really understand who we are and who we are not that we may have been trying to be to fit in, be accepted and be loved.

The greatest gift Ra delivered for each of us was a system that could help us see our inherently lovable true nature.

To love yourself is to open up love for everyone and everything that is part of your life. It's no longer rooted in your dependencies, your inferiorities, your inadequacies. To be correct is to appreciate your own magic, your own beauty. ~ Ra Uru Hu

Once we start to understand who we are and who we've been conditioned to be, an amazing unraveling takes place. An awareness that things aren't necessarily what we thought they were and we begin to see ourselves and others in an entirely different light. It is one thing to study the information, look at a chart and pick up a few things that intellectually make sense. Okay - so I'm a <insert Career Type here> - great - that makes sense. I might know this through my mind seeing that this Career Type explains some of my likes/dislikes and behaviors. It is an entirely different experience to 'live' the information - practice with it, notice it, experiment with it and see what happens. When you can study it with others and with a guide or teacher, because we can all see much more in others than we notice about ourselves, that's when you truly come to 'know' yourself. When you can 'get it' in every fibre of your being, that's when you can truly 'love' yourself. When you come to really live your type and use your decision-making strategy (authority), that's when you really get to know who you are and who you are not.

And the moment you begin to experiment with your authority you discover something quite remarkable: That you're okay. Not only are you okay but you can navigate your life. It’s the first thing you discover “Oh gee, look at that. I can deal with this, I can handle it...~ Ra Uru Hu

Suddenly, life becomes more livable, you feel part of something much greater than yourself, something we are all a part of - life itself. You can begin to see just how intertwined we all are and how everything we do affects each other. We get to see the pure mechanics of it all - and that it is out of our control - that these mechanics happen regardless of what we do or don't do. What it does allow us to do is to be 'aware' of the mechanics, to actually see what is and has always been playing out in front of us, for us. It is then that we realize that we can relax and let go of trying so hard to be what we are not to be accepted in the illusion that we've been conditioned to see.

We can simply 'BE' - waiting to allow our instincts to initiate the next thing, waiting to be seen and invited by life, waiting to respond to life or watching over time as the big picture unfolds and we know what is moving us forward in a healthy way or not. Living this way tunes us back into our own natural rhythms and takes us out of the conditioned time of our current calendars and clocks which are man made and therefore forced upon us through the era of planning or control. This is what we are experiencing right now - the transition from a 'conditioned' and 'controlled' illusion to becoming aware that it is all an illusion and seeing what is really there when the veil falls away. This is leading us all to the Era of the Individual where we get to be ourselves and in the process of discovering who we really are, we learn to love our genuine selves.

So I continue to remind you, love yourself. ~ Ra Uru Hu


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I'm Shelley

I am inspired by all the ways BG5 can help us know and trust ourselves to show up at work and in life with confidence allowing us to 'do what we love and love what we do'!

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