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Just Enough to Stay

Change is happening all around us and I'm excited! I'm built for change but I didn't always appreciate it when it happened in the past. When I wasn't the one in control of the change. That has been my biggest lesson - I'm not really in control - none of us are. It's an illusion to think we are and the sooner we can trust that life is doing what it does and we can either be victims of what it does or realize the unique ability we have to co-create with it instead.

I underwent a major corporate change about five years ago and felt blindsided. My job was in the IT field bringing in new systems and changing the way people work with technology. Even when it was asked for, people were still not really ready for it as they were bogged down with too much work to do and never enough resources. It was always my goal to make life easier for others with technology and I spent a lot of time slow-dripping changes so people could adapt without too much shock. Involving people in the change process from the beginning goes a long way to managing change in a way that people can easily adapt.

When we are so overwhelmed with our daily work that we can't see the change coming or if we feel we don't have a say in what is changing - it is really destabilizing. When change is happening behind the scenes without our participation - life can be altered in unexpected ways. This is what happened for me and I tried to control the change but had no idea what was happening behind the scenes.

I was in a job that was paying me just enough to stay and life was prompting me to leave, to try something new but I was too afraid to do what I really wanted to do and didn't know how to get started. So I stayed. I liked the people I worked with, the place was very beautiful, and it was close to my home. I enjoyed the work but always felt there was something more I was meant to do. I was confused about how to start again yet felt this underlying restlessness to go - but I ignored it.

Life has a way of pushing you if you don't listen to its subtle messaging. A change was upon us and I was looking forward to it - except it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Over the course of two years, everything I had built in my career was systematically torn apart - and I couldn't stop it. It was devastating and I left on medical leave instead of leaving on my own terms.

The next three years were the most challenging times of my life as I completely let go of who I had been trying to be my whole life and discovered who I really am. Finding Human Design and BG5 was the best thing that ever happened and has led me to the work I've wanted to do for so long. It taught me that what I really want to do is what life wants for me. Life supports us in doing what we're designed to do and gives us feedback (sometimes quite strongly) when we get off track.

Learn how you can connect with your true self and discover what you're meant to do and who you're meant to do it with.


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I'm Shelley

I am inspired by all the ways BG5 can help us know and trust ourselves to show up at work and in life with confidence allowing us to 'do what we love and love what we do'!

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