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How our Overused Minds have been Controlling the Narrative

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

As a species, we have slowly evolved over time, from using our survival instincts (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch) to help us know how to survive, to developing our brains. While this has brought advancement to our existence with logical and critical thinking and the ability to analyze and problem-solve, we’ve become so overly reliant on our brains that our bodies have been relegated to carrying our ‘super-computer heads’ around.

We are subjected daily to so many data sources from TV, movies, books, the internet, and social media that the rate of information consumption has never been higher. As a delivery mechanism, media is a tool that can be used for either education or control. We have been bombarded with advertising showing us what to eat, wear, drive, and how to live a better life. The effects of this continue to shape how we live our lives, how we decide what to eat, wear, drive, and how we think we need to look to ‘fit in’ or be loved. So, while media is a means to deliver information, how can you decide what is to your benefit and what is just noise or detrimental for you? With big data now having the ability to directly target advertising showing you products and services it knows from your search history that you’ll be interested in, is that a convenience? Or is it controlling your decision-making by delivering you something that you didn’t even know you were looking for? How do you know if it is for your benefit or not? In your work, how do you make sense of what to spend your energy on when you are bombarded daily with so much information in the form of e-mail, chats, team meetings, and then your actual work tasks? How do you know where to focus your time and attention?

Overusing our Minds

According to BG5, roughly 53-70% of the population have ‘open minds’ that are subject to conditioning and are inspired/distracted by and taking in vast amounts of information and trying to make sense of it. We are seeing a rise in burnout, over-thinking, the inability to make decisions due to confusion as our minds attempt comparative analysis for us. This is also where all of our fears and distractions from the other open centres in our design show up - in that constant mind-chatter that second guesses and catastrophizes.

Another 54% of the population are ‘open’ in their identity & direction centre, which means they are confused about who they are and what they are meant to be doing. They are flexible chameleons who are easily swayed by others and constantly searching for love and direction.

A further 63% have an open, inconsistent will power and are looking to prove themselves. We have been slowly developing our Emotional Intelligence as EQ has moved to the forefront being seen as vital and at least as equally important as IQ. While many of us still struggle to 'feel' our emotions and find words to describe them, roughly 53% have an open Emotional Intelligence centre that can amplify the emotions of others which can be overwhelming at times.

This marks a shift in our evolution to beginning to include our body again as part of the entirety of who we are. Research from the Heart Math Institute shows that we have more ‘brain type cells’ in our heart and stomach than we do in our brains. Modern science is discovering what the ancients have known and practiced for eons that our heart (will power & identity) and stomach (sacral) are just as important, if not more important in our ability to make decisions for ourselves.

Shadow Talk

BG5 provides a blueprint to help us understand how we are uniquely designed to take in information, how we are affected by other people, and where all the mind-chatter comes from that takes over, robbing us of our sleep and a healthy sense of self.

Our ‘open’ or the white areas in our Career Design chart show us where we connect with others and how that leaves us both vulnerable to being conditioned and also contains our wisdom and the ability to help others once we understand how to best utilize these functions.

BG5 Brings Awareness

Once you become aware of your Career Design, a process of de-conditioning begins and you may find yourself letting go of anything that may be stopping you from utilizing your skills and strengths. Becoming aware of how you may have been conditioned can help you explore any limiting beliefs to see if they still provide benefits for you.

BG5 can help you understand how your entire body works together as a system, keeping you in balance. Learning how you are designed to make decisions for yourself is one of the first steps to regaining or creating a balance in your body systems that will lead to balance in your work and life. Knowing what you can rely on (that you likely have never relied on before, or at best, may have ignored), puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Even if this is all you learn about yourself through BG5, it will help you know for certain what is best for you when making decisions.


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I'm Shelley

I am inspired by all the ways BG5 can help us know and trust ourselves to show up at work and in life with confidence allowing us to 'do what we love and love what we do'!

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