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Discovering Your Uniqueness is Key

If you’ve found my website and are drawn to BG5, I'm guessing you are the kind of person who wants to be truly fulfilled in your work life or career. To be truly fulfilled though, you need to discover your uniqueness, what defines who you really are and who you are not, and how you are being distracted from living your full potential.


The problem is, you’ve likely been conditioned by well-meaning parents, family, friends, and society to be a certain way or live your life a certain way in an effort to help you find your way. You may have received all kinds of messages throughout your life that hold you back from discovering your own unique design and what you are really here to contribute. You might be so distracted by this conditioning that you don’t even realize that it’s there except for that gnawing feeling inside that there is more to you than you can verbalize. You might think all there is in this life are the ‘expectations’ you’ve been taught to follow. Even if you have amazing parents to guide you, they may be acting from their conditioning trying to do what's best for you.


You may have struggled to live up to this conditioning, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you are not living up to your potential. Or maybe you're suffering from feelings of not being good enough, or feeling like you’ll never achieve your goals because you don’t really believe you can do what others can do or that you don't deserve to have what you really want. Maybe you’re so caught up in your head trying to control the narrative of your life that you’ve missed the true beauty of your ability to co-create with life.


It's really sad that any of us should feel this way when each of us is so uniquely, and beautifully designed to be completely different from the other. It's too bad that it's taken so long for us to be encouraged to discover our true potential simply because we've been homogenized to be like everyone else. Life doesn't come with an individual instruction manual - or does it?


I understand this sense of anxiety, struggle, and confusion to try to ‘find ourselves’ and ‘make something of ourselves’ (more conditioning) as I've felt it too. I’ve struggled feeling like there was something missing or that I just wasn’t good enough to make the cut or be as successful as I thought I should or could be.


That’s why I’m so excited to share BG5 with you because this system is the first system I've found that showed me there is nothing for me to 'live up to' - that I have a unique set of skills and a role to play and so do you! BG5 can show you the depth of who you are, your greatness, and your incredible uniqueness that is unlike anyone else on this planet. With the BG5 tools and discovery path, you can begin to live as you, ‘for you’ maybe for the first time ever.


Don’t waste another minute of your precious life not being your true magnificent self!

Book a Discovery Session with me now to get started on a plan for you to discover your true nature and how you’ve been nurtured off-track.


Let me guide you on your journey to discovering the greatness that you can sense deep inside of you. I'll  help you find your natural market, whom you’re meant to serve, what they want from you, and how to market yourself in a way that expresses who you really are naturally.

Love Yourself,

Shelley ;)

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