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Shelley Finerty


I love helping people like you create a new vision for yourself and your life.

It's about self-realization

I'm honoured to hold space for you, to lead and guide you to your own self-realization, something only you can do for yourself. The ‘ah ha’ moments are so transformative that I'm grateful to witness them as you realize your own true nature and enter the beginning stages of fully accepting yourself, as you truly are. 

This begins the journey to your own greatness and it unfolds over time as we explore more of your strengths, vulnerabilities, and ‘all’ of who you are.

Ultimately, this is about self-love, self-acceptance and removing yourself from “self-oppression”.

It’s about putting the puzzle pieces together to get to the entire picture, that fullness of self, the parts we’ve been ignoring, the people we try to be and seeing all of that for the first time and getting the glimpse of your own greatness.

It's About Problem Solving.

We can't solve a problem from within the system it was created. We need another to help us solve our problems as we can only see things from our own perspective. Many people come to me with what they see as barriers or obstacles they can’t see a way around. My design carries a strength of imagination and the ability to generate possible solutions for you to see if they might work. I help people expand their perspective of often self-imposed, limitations.

It's about vision.

I love helping people set a new direction, helping them form a new vision for themselves and their life. This type of change excites me! Hope for envisioning a new future, fresh start, reset. When something new is coming in, we need to make room for it by cleaning out the old, letting go of what is no longer needed.

It’s about discovering your natural strengths.

I love connecting people with their natural strengths that they have likely been ignoring or taking for granted because these things come easily to them. We think life is meant to be a struggle so we work hard at getting better at the things that we are NOT to prove ourselves, be right, and be who we think we’re supposed to be. I love showing people who they really are so they can let go of who they’ve been trying to be to ‘fit in’ or be ‘accepted’. I love taking people from ‘fitting in’ to ‘finding your greatness’!

It's about education.

My life’s work is to educate, that is the one true voice I have so when working with me, you’ll become knowledgeable about yourself and your interactions in the world. I’ll show you not only who you are as a unique individual but what the environment you’ll thrive in looks like and how the cycles of your life affect what’s happening for you. You’ll gain insight into what happens for you when you’re immersed in a small or large group and what strengths get pulled out of you and whether you’ll be challenged or empowered and how.

Why do I love helping people in this way?

Because I've been there. I've experienced burnout several times. I've been lost in confusion not knowing who I was or what I was meant to do. I've worked hard doing all the things we've been trained to do to have a successful life - and have experienced the pain of not finding true fulfillment even though I've had material success.


Throughout my life, I've been sensitive to others' needs, taking charge to ensure everyone gets what they need to thrive. I'm continually learning and love to educate and share what I've learned. I'm a troubleshooter, solving problems, implementing innovative new systems, trying new things to see what works and doesn't work. I typically don't stick to the status quo, curious about what is on the edge and when everyone else thinks ’different’ is strange I persist anyway.


Leading, guiding and stepping in when something needs fixing or someone needs help, I live in my imagination visualizing better ways of living, wanting to improve and move things forward. Until I found BG5, I really didn't know or understand what drove me.

What I truly love about helping people is that after learning BG5, I understand who I am and am no longer clouded or held back by my fears and insecurities.


I’m free to be myself and contribute my gifts to help you find your unique gifts in a way that is deeply satisfying.

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