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16 Success Codes

The 16 Success Codes make up the uniqueness that is your authentic nature. Becoming more aware of how each of these plays together helps you connect with and truly be your authentic self.

1. Career Type - How do you best express yourself in the world?

Understanding your Career Type allows you to live out the purpose of your unique Career Design, and work with it rather than resist it. While there are millions of variations of Career Designs, these are the core Career Types. Each of us is one of these Career Types, and your Type stays the same throughout your entire life.

  • Initiator

    • When they have the freedom to create, Initiators bring originality and inspiration forward.

  • Express Builder

    • When their work is satisfying, Express Builders quickly and efficiently bring inspiration into reality.

  • Classic Builder

    • When their work is satisfying, Classic Builders perfect and sustain the process of bringing inspiration into form.

  • Advisor

    • When recognized, Advisors excel at organizing and leading individuals, groups and systems.

  • Evaluator

    • ​When in the right environment, Evaluators provide an objective assessment of people, communities and businesses.

2. Personal Interaction - How do you best interact with others?

Your Personal Interaction style is how others experience your energy. It is a function of your Career Type and is the mechanism that allows you to contribute your energy in a productive and unique way to the world around you.

3. Decision-Making Strategy - How do you best make decisions?

Your Decision-Making Strategy is the best way for you to make trustworthy decisions that will lead you correctly down your unique path. It is your internal GPS system that helps you navigate with confidence.

4. Key Indicators - Important Signposts to keep you on track.

Your Key Indicators are simple but profound signposts that alert you to whether or not you are staying on track.

5. Assimilation - How do you process information?

How do you understand what you’re taking in from the world around you? You’re designed to digest and process information in a specific way. You need to be able to integrate what goes on around you in your own way, so that your unique gifts can be utilized.

6. Environmental Style - What work setting do you operate in best?

The environment in which you work also supports your success. You may work best in one particular type of environment or multiple types of environments.

7. Business Skills - What skills do you bring to the table?

There are 12 Business Skills in the BG5® Success Code that are the most important for any career or business endeavor. You have a specific skill set that you bring to the work you do.

8. Team & Business Attributes - What business attributes do you bring to the table?

The 12 Business Skills operate in a specific way when you’re in a working group or small business. The BG5® Success Code provides an in-depth and detailed map that demonstrates what you bring to the group, and what may be missing from the mix.

9. Large Business Roles - What is your Role in a larger organization?

While anyone can work in a large group, for some it can be draining. Knowing how you are impacted when you are in a large group is an important aspect to know about yourself to manage your energy in a healthy way. The BG5® Success Code also provides solutions for businesses and groups with more than 5 people.

10. Defined Functions - What functions define your consistent strengths?

How do you function best in the workplace? There are Nine Functions within The BG5® Success Code. Each one does a different job and provides specific Characteristics that allow you to express yourself in your work. Your BG5® Success Code defines the Functions that provide your most consistent strengths.

11. Distractions/Shadows - Where do you get taken off track?

What aspects take you off track, distract you and waste your time and energy? Your BG5® Success Code details the areas where you’re not designed to place your focus – areas that are better left alone or left for others to manage. Your Shadows/Distractions, however, are also aspects of life that are very interesting, if not fascinating, for you. There are lessons for you in these areas of Distraction, where ultimately you can develop practical wisdom.

12. Public Role - How do you manifest your purpose in the world?

How do others view you? One of the primary aspects of your BG5® Success Code, along with your Career Type, is the way in which others relate to you. You have a perfect role that you are here to express, and when you do, you manifest your purpose in the world.

13. Life Work - What is the overall theme of your purpose in the world?

What are you here to contribute to the world? When you empower your skills and talents in the world, you manifest your life purpose. The overall theme of your purpose and the unique contribution you are here to make has signposts that help you align to your true career path. We’ll show you the map, but only you can discover where that path will take you.

14. General Thematics - Are you focused on Empowerment, Sharing or Support?

What is the general theme of your circuitry? Are you here to Support, Empower, Share, or some combination of these? Understanding these themes answers many questions about why people behave the way they do.

15.  Strengths & Contributions - What are the gifts that you bring to the world?

The unique strengths and talents that you consistently provide are what you can rely on, and what you can help others with. Often, we ignore these strengths since they are constantly available, they are easy to develop so we take them for granted. Having words to describe the innate skills you know you have is helpful in verbalizing what makes you unique.

16. Characteristics & Qualities - What is your unique expression of these gifts?

The traits you have defined in your design all have a specific quality about the way you express them creating your unique personality and setting up the way you interact with others.


What is the totality of you? Your gifts represent a unique composite of these Success Codes that only you can bring to the world. The detailed map of your BG5® Success Code allows you to fully integrate, understand and utilize the synergy of talents that you bring to any enterprise.

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