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Live your

Need a career change but confused about what to change to?

BG5 Coaching brings clarity to who you are and what you're here to contribute

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We’re at the forefront of an evolutionary shift that is changing everything.

You can feel the shift happening, that uncomfortable, dissatisfaction with the status quo:

  • No enthusiasm for your work

  • A perpetual state of overwhelm

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, or burnout

  • There’s a sense that you’ve hit a wall in your success

  • Maybe you feel you’re not in the right place anymore

  • Something’s holding you back, but you’re not sure what

Deep down, you know it’s time to make a meaningful move – you just aren’t sure what that looks like.

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I'm here to show you how to see it + live it

I've been there myself, stayed too long, suffered burnout, and then had to pick myself up. BG5 helped me get clear about who I am and what I'm here to do. I'd love to help you do the same!

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My Approach

I use a groundbreaking new system called BG5®

BG5® serves as a detailed practical tool for deep insight and self-knowing. It helps answer the questions "Who am I and what am I doing here?" in a way that is practical and tangible.

Discover your uniqueness through the
BG5® Success Codes

I’ll guide you through your unique design, showing you who you are and who you are not. I’ll help you release the limitations you’re currently experiencing, and give you simple steps to move forward with fulfillment in your career, business, or partnership.

Dive deeper to experience alignment with 
your true nature

Practice living your true nature, utilizing your strengths and natural gifts. Become aware of when your conditioned self (how you've been nurtured) is pulling you off track. Pay attention to the signposts to help you stay on track.

Understand your Life Work theme and purpose
for your lifetime.

Get clear insight into who you are here to serve that you'll naturally attract once you are living in alignment. Know what it is your clients will need from you and how you can deliver it with grace, ease and confidence. Earn your true value simply by being you.

Shelley provided a safe space for me to say what I needed to say, to vent my frustrations and talk about everything that was challenging me as a leader, helping me through a big transition in my life. I knew that she would keep it confidential and I was able to say things to her that I couldn't tell many other people. She is an amazing listener and really made me feel supported and empowered to just be myself. She offered other perspectives that I hadn't considered helping me make sense of my world and what was happening. 

Karen Sherwood

Through revealing and exploring your one-of-a-kind design, I’ll connect you to your true self so you can trust yourself more deeply than you ever have. I’ll show you exactly how your innate leadership abilities want to show up. You’ll discover how to use your natural strengths to guide your life – and your path of success.

What if you could unlock your own unique blueprint for success?

If you've been struggling with the big questions:

  • Where’s my most powerful, satisfying work?

  • Where am I going?

  • What internal work do I really need to be doing?

  • How do I get to where I want to go?


...then I’ll help you see the formula for your material 

success that can only be found in your unique blueprint.

It’s time to understand – and align with – who you are at the deepest level,

so you can express it more fully in life and business.

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Through revealing and exploring your one-of-a-kind design, I’ll connect you to your true self so you can trust yourself more deeply than you ever have. I’ll show you exactly how your innate leadership abilities want to show up. You’ll discover how to use your natural strengths to guide your life – and your path of success.

Start Your Journey

  • Book a Discovery Session to see if we can work together.

  • Then we 'Unlock Your Blueprint' so you can meet your true self.

  • Start your new career or adjust your existing one to better fit the real 'You'.

Get your BG5 Chart & Report

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Discover your BG5 Career Type and how your energy works best. Knowing this can make all the difference in avoiding burnout.

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Learn the first 5 Success Codes of your unique design. Includes a coupon for $47 off your first BG5 Coaching Session.

Get a Free Report on Burnout

Gain some insight into how BG5 can help you recover from or avoid burnout.

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  • Why do I need to know my BG5 Career Design?
    If your life is going swimmingly and you are deeply satisfied, feeling successful, at peace or delighted with your life, then keep doing what you're doing!! If not, you might want to utilize the map or blueprint that BG5 provides along with some coaching to get more aligned with yourself and on track to living the life that is meant for you. We are so easily distracted away from being aligned that it takes awareness and feedback to get and keep ourselves on track and BG5 provides the practical tools to help us do just that.
  • Do I need to be ready to commit to 'doing the work' before getting started?
    All it takes is a curiosity or interest in learning more about yourself and being willing to experiment with what you learn to see how it shows up in your life. That's it - open your awareness and play with it.
  • Do I have to talk about my feelings?
    Only if you're curious to learn more about them. The broad range of emotions we feel as human beings from joy to pain are merely waves that we ride. When you learn how to recognize and allow your emotions to flow, you can stop avoiding them and use them as feedback. When you learn to discern what emotions belong to you and which ones belong to others, you can let go of the intensity that can come with amplifying the emotions of others.
  • Do I need my Career Design Chart before a session?
    All you need to get started is your birth information including the time you were born. If you're unsure of any of your birth details you can ask family members, look for a birth announcement, a baby book or ornament or call the hospital where you were born. If you do know your Human Design Chart, I can translate it into BG5 language for you but will still need your birth information to give you accurate information.
  • Is BG5 Coaching the same as counselling?
    No. I am a BG5 Consultant and Profit Potential Coach and having this type of session can compliment counselling sessions. If you are working through some difficult past traumas, BG5 can help you gain a stronger sense of who you are and support you through unwinding the experiences that may have conditioned you to hold limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. If you are not in need of counselling, BG5 provides very practical information about you that builds your awareness and helps you make clear decisions that you can trust. It can also help you understand why some things in life have affected you the way they have and how to be more confident in your strengths and the wisdom you've gained.
BG5® Career & Business Consultant

Discover your career and business strengths and gifts and what distracts you from utilizing them.

BG5® Career & Business Consultant

Learn how the cycles in life impact your career or business and how to take advantage of them.

BG5® Profit Potential Coach

Let me coach you to live in alignment with your true nature so you can attract who you are meant to serve for material success.

OC16® Large Business Consultant

Understand the dynamics at play in your organization and how they are impacting your bottom line.

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